Thousands of college students get good grades and land solid jobs every year, but it takes an elite kind of student to be recognized by peer professionals as an up-and-coming leader. Two female students from Ashford University received this level of recognition last month when they were named “Emerging Leaders” by Women’s Connection, one of the largest women’s organizations in eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

Womens+ConnectionOn January 23, Nkemdilim Okwumabua and Brittany Zinser, both students of Ashford University, were included among Women’s Connection’s list of “Emerging Leaders” at a meeting of over 350 women. This distinction was given to them based not only on their leadership and academics, but on their community involvement as well. It is yet another sign that little separates students from Ashford University, and other for-profit schools like it, from their peers at traditional schools.

Nancy Renkes, co-director of the Women’s Connection, said this about the distinction: “The purpose of Women’s Connection’s Emerging Women Leaders Recognition Program is to raise up and honor regional female collegiate students who are excelling as leaders both academically and within their communities. We believe it’s important to bring along the next generation of women leaders.”

So what does this mean for those considering getting a degree at Ashford University or other non-traditional schools like it? It means a couple things. First, schools like Ashford University are attracting some impressive students. Second, their programs are preparing students to stand out in their professions as much as traditional schools are. Third, it might just go to show that excellence outside of school might have little or nothing to do with what school you go to.

Here are some videos from Ashford University that show what kind of students are attending their school. They’re definitely worth a viewing:

If you want to learn what programs Ashford University might have in your areas of interest, feel free to visit our Ashford University page. Good luck!

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