Advertising moguls on Madison Avenue should sit up and take notice. A new group of advertising mavericks are rising from none other than Ashford University. On February 23, five students from Ashford University received top honors in the categories of illustration, photography, and animation and special effects at the annual ADDY Awards for Cedar Rapids/Iowa City branch of the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

ADDY Awards Ashford UniversityDuring an awards gala, a handful of students who also happened to be alumni from Ashford University showed their stuff to move onto the AAF’s district competition. Nick Teachout of Clinton, Iowa, brought home a silver ADDY for his illustration work. Another Ashford student from Clinton, Iowa, Duncan Forgey, really showed up with silver ADDYs in both illustration and special effects. But the highest amount of recognition for the night for an Ashford University student definitely went to Rachel Yoder of Farley, Iowa, who took home two gold ADDYs in photography. All five of the winners will have the chance to advance all the way to the national ADDYs.

These awards are yet another example of the talent that students at Ashford University and other schools like it can bring to their professional communities. These students and others like them are quickly becoming recognized for their talent and accomplishments as much as any of their peers from more traditional schools.

Ashford University provides online degree programs in Communication Studies and Journalism and Mass Communications. At their campus locations, they also provide degree programs in Computer Graphic Design, Communication Studies, and Journalism and Mass Communications. Many of the courses in these programs are designed specifically to build student skill sets and their portfolios at the same time.

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