It is no secret that many enter military service because of the GI Bill (among many reasons, of course). And that comes as no surprise: having most or all of your college education paid for is a big deal.

But what many servicemen and servicewomen might not realize is that the GI Bill, and other forms of military financial aid, can be used to pay for an education at online schools as well as at traditional schools. Most online schools, it turns out, put a lot into trying to serve veterans on the Armed Forces, including offering scholarships. Here are some examples:


1. University of Phoenix

For active-duty servicemen, members of the Reserve or National Guard, or military spouses, University of Phoenix gives a discount on tuition. Under the Military or Government Billing Plan, if you qualify, University of Phoenix will bill the military for your tuition.

2. Columbia Southern University

This online university offers active military students a 35-percent tuition discount because of the recent cut in tuition assistance by the Department of Defense. Military students also receive a free course and accompanying books.

3. Capella University

Discounts are also offered at Capella University for military personnel, their immediate family members, veterans, National Guard, and reservists. They offer a 15-percent tuition discount on undergraduate online degree programs and a 10-percent tuition discount on online graduate degree programs.

4. Ashland University

This online schools is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, a voluntary agreement between Veterans Affairs and the University that allows eligible students (current and newly admitted) to have 100% tuition covered. The Yellow Ribbon benefits include a 50/50 grant between Veterans Affairs and the University to cover any tuition and required fee charges. The grant will be applied after Post-9/11 GI Bill funds, equaling 100% tuition coverage for you. The grant is applicable only during the University’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, so you might want to take advantage soon. Of course, this isn’t the only online school that participates in this program.

5. Colorado Technical University

CTU offers active-duty servicemembers in-state tuition fees, rather than the higher priced out-of-state resident fees.

6. Western Governors University

This online school offers Reservists and National Guard who are hoping to earn bachelor’s or master’s degrees in business, information technology, teacher education or healthcare scholarships up to $1,500.

And these are a just a sampling. According to our research, 36 schools that offer online programs also waive or reduce fees for military students. Many of these also offer scholarships to cover books.

Not only are online programs a viable option for military members to utilize to earn their degree, but so many also offer additional financial aid on top of the G.I. bill offered to servicemembers that it makes their programs even more enticing.

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