Many top colleges have been quick to embrace online education. Others not so much. Well, as of April 22, we can add University of Florida to the list of colleges that embrace online education.

Florida governor Rick Scott signed a new law on April 22 that allows for the creation of completely online bachelor’s degree programs at the prestigious University of Florida. And the state is putting their money where their mouth is. The law requires that $15 million be put to starting up the online programs in 2014.

university of florida online education

But this program doesn’t stop with online bachelor’s degree programs. The law also provides for the development of the Nation’s “first fully accredited, online public research university institute.”

House speaker Will Weatherford explained:

“This bill transforms education in Florida…These bold higher-education reforms will help increase Florida’s global competitiveness and ensure our students have meaningful opportunities after high school.”

The biggest expected benefit of this law goes to students themselves. Where students in all states have been facing higher tuitions, this law requires that tuition for online degree programs be no more than 75 percent of in-state tuition for regular classes at University of Florida.

Also, these online degree programs offer students a choice between a “scholar” option, which is made to give to students a more well-rounded traditional university education, or a more job skills-based option, that leaves out math and science courses.

Of course, Florida’s public university isn’t the only one getting into the online education act. California and Texas are in the process of putting together their own totally online degree programs. And they’re not likely to be the last. More and more of the country’s universities will turn to online education as a solution to the mounting costs of traditional college degree programs.

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