The debate is as old as college itself: students from different majors inevitably end up comparing how much each will earn at graduation. The engineering and business majors leave with smug grins on their faces; the humanities guys slink away bitterly into the shadows.

But, once again, we dare to ask: which college majors earn the most money out of graduation? Better yet: which ones start higher according to the average earnings in their fields?

To answer this question, we drew on the newest student salary by the National Association of Colleges and Employers to see how much each major is earning in 2013. We then compared those starting salaries to the average salaries of each major over the first ten years. The results show that some majors, like education, start off making close to their ten-year average, but that’s only because their ten-year averages are very low. Other majors start high and (darn those engineering majors) keep getting higher.

This infographic, brought to you by, represents the fruits of our labor:


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