Every year the Princeton Review releases its rankings of the best and worst colleges in the country in a variety of categories. But, year after year, it isn’t the academic categories that garner the most attention. It’s the rankings for party schools and sober schools that steal the spotlight.

Well, 2013 is no exception. Once again, these two lists made it into all the news outlets. The hard-hard-partying list, dominated this year by newcomer University of Iowa, mortified parents and intrigued prospective college students. The list of sober schools was treated, as it always is, as a novelty (“College students that don’t binge drink? Bizarre!”) by all parties.

If you haven’t seen the list, our newest infographic will get you up to speed on the winners of these two dubious honors:


Quick Facts

Hardest-Partying Colleges and Universities

1. University of Iowa

2. UC Santa Barbara

3. University of Illinois

4. West Virginia University

5. Syracuse University

6. University of Florida

7. Ohio University


Most Sober Colleges and Universities

1. Brigham Young University

2. Wheaton College

3. CUNY Brooklyn

4. College of the Ozarks

5. Wesleyan University

Source: https://www.princetonreview.com/college-rankings.aspx

One comment on “Infographic: Party Schools and Sober Schools, According to the Princeton Review

  • Marcus: I give you an A+ for the graphic design of the ‘Party vs. Sober’ universities. Also, thanks for the info. I just wonder what statistics are considered in these rankings – and are the students asked their perceptions?

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