Almost all U.S. colleges and universities agree that diversity is a good thing, but whether or not they actually pull it off is another matter entirely. The truth is, at most American colleges, white students still make up the majority. At HBCUs, black students are the majority. But true diversity is when all races are represented in significant numbers.

As you can see from the stats of the U.S. News college rankings and the Princeton Review in our newest infographic, “Diversity is Hard to Find at U.S. Colleges,” true diversity is a very difficult balance to strike. And yet, even while most schools struggle, some schools succeed.


Infographic Transcript
Most Diverse U.S. Colleges
Newark, NJ
American Indian 0.12%
Asian 22.58%
African American 17.65%
Hispanic 21.94%
Caucasian 26.70%
International/Unknown 7.43%

Andrews University
Berrien Springs
American Indian 0.22%
Asian 9.31%
African American 19.6%
Hispanic 7.31%
Caucasian 49.38%
International/Unknown 14.19%

Stanford University
Stanford, CA
American Indian 0.98%
Asian 18.80%
African American 6.23%
Hispanic 16.69%
Caucasian 37.31%
International/Unknown 8.05%

St. John’s University
Queens, NY
American Indian 0.16%
Asian 15.45%
African American 15.17%
Hispanic 15.88%
Caucasian 41.22%
International/Unknown 8.89%

University of Houston
Houston, TX
American Indian 0.18%
Asian 19.99%
African American 11.74%
Hispanic 27.61%
Caucasian 28.74%
International/Unknown 4.80%

Diversity Across All U.S. Colleges
American Indian 1.10%
Asian 6.80%
African American 13.90%
Hispanic 12.90%
Caucasian 63.30%
International/Unknown 2.20%

Least Diverse U.S. Colleges
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH
American Indian 0.30%
Asian 2.24%
African American 1.25%
Hispanic 2.43%
Caucasian 82.44%
International/Unknown 9.69%

Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI
American Indian 0.57%
Asian 0.82%
African American 1.42%
Hispanic 1.85%
Caucasian 84.34%
International/Unknown 9.32%

North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND
American Indian 0.62%
Asian 1.45%
African American 2.38%
Hispanic 1.19%
Caucasian 87.64%
International/Unknown 5.19%

Florida A&M University
American Indian 0.16%
Asian 0.76%
African American 93.80%
Hispanic 1.17%
Caucasian 3.22%
International/Unknown 0.86%

Yeshiva University
New York, NY
American Indian 0.63%
Asian 0.69%
African American 0.66%
Hispanic 1.00%
Caucasian 91.00%
International/Unknown 6.00%

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