Studies show that almost all students, at tradition and online colleges, enter college expecting to study far more than they did in high school. Despite this fact, however, most college students study far less than they should.

According to a recent study at La Roche College and the National Survey of Student Engagement at Indiana University, students are struggling to do the basics of reading assignments, attending classes, taking notes, and planning enough time to study.

Our newest infographic gives the highlights of this strange phenomenon. Take a look and feel free to share it!

study habits college students

Infographic Transcript
According to the Survey of Student Study Habits at La Roche College…

27% always or almost always read the entire assignment
6% never or almost never read the text

Class attendance
59% always or almost always attend classes
29% take notes half or less than half the time

Time management
61% schedule time to study half the time or less
55% use empty classrooms, library, or study rooms half the time of less

45% never used class website

8% always or mostly turn off their cell phone when they study

32% avoid cell phone or computer distractions when studying

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, 2012

26% of 1st-year women spent 20 hours of more preparing for class; only 21% of men did the same

Of extracurricular learning activities, the following percentages of students participated in these activities:
59% internships
53% service-learning
31% learning communities
19% study abroad


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