A recent article on NYTimes.com warns that the job market is still a tough place for law school graduates. With a shortage of positions for new attorneys, the decision of where to attend law school may be more important than ever. If you’re considering earning your JD, you may want to check out the US News & World Report’s most recent list of the best law schools in the nation. Choosing the right school now may help ensure your success upon graduation!

A successful legal career begins with a top-notch education. The following universities offer aspiring lawyers an exceptional education and may just boost their chances of being accepted later by the law firms of their choice:

1. Yale University

Yale university law degree program JD

Tuition: $53,600 per year (full-time)
Connecticut’s Ivy offers prospective students a lot more than just a school with a great reputation. First-year law students at Yale have the opportunity to gain legal experience at more than 20 legal clinics.

2. Harvard University

harvard university law degree program JD

Tuition: $50,880 per year (full-time)
In today’s economy, it’s no big surprise that students are concerned about law school debt. Fortunately, the world-renowned Harvard Law School offers the Low Income Protection Plan to assist new grads with smaller salaries.

3. Stanford University

Stanford University law degree program JD

Tuition: $50,802 per year (full-time)
Want to attend a law school with a more flexible curriculum? JD students at California’s Stanford University can begin taking a varied selection of elective classes as early as year two.

4. Columbia University

columbia university law degree program JD

Tuition: $55,488 per year (full-time)
Are you interested in seeing the world while earning your law degree? Students at Columbia University can enhance their international law knowledge by studying in more than ten countries.

5. University of Chicago

University of Chicago law degree program JD

Tuition: $50,727 per year (full-time)
Unlike many law schools, the University of Chicago operates on a quarter schedule instead of one based in semesters. With four periods a year instead of two, students can take a more varied course load during their law school years.

6. New York University

Tuition: $51,150 per year (full-time)
Want to start developing your legal skills as early as possible? At NYU Law, students participate in the school’s Lawyering Program starting in their first year.

7. University of Pennsylvania

Tuition: $53,138 per year (full-time)
The University of Pennsylvania is a great law school for students seeking more specialized legal educations. While earning their JDs, students can pursue joint degrees in subjects ranging from gender studies to business.

8. University of Virginia

Tuition: $46,400 per year (in-state, full-time)
Are you an animal lover? At the University of Virginia, students can pursue an animal law program thanks to a generous endowment from the Price is Right’s Bob Barker.

9. University of California, Berkeley

Tuition: $48,068 per year (in-state, full-time)
Are you interested in attending a law school with a strong sense of community? To minimize rivalries and competition, UC-Berkeley refrains from issuing letter grades or ranking its students.

10. University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

Tuition: $48,250 per year (in-state, full-time)
If you want to get a jumpstart on your law degree, Michigan Law may be ideal. The school offers a Summer Start program to give students an early start on their coursework. Additionally, participating in this early education program allows students more flexibility for elective courses later.

In today’s struggling economy, choosing the right law school is more important than ever. Narrow your top choices by checking out the above ten schools. One of them may just be the right place to begin the next chapter of your education.


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