American community colleges don’t get nearly as much attention as its four-year colleges and universities. They don’t get ranked by big name magazines. They don’t have any nationally broadcast bowl games for their football teams. And when they provide online courses, no one makes any noise about it.

And yet, 45% of all undergraduate students are enrolled at these institutions of higher learning. That number alone makes community colleges and junior colleges a vital part of the American college system.

Recently, the Community College Survey of Student Engagement released its 2013 findings. What they found is that, while community college students tend to slack off more on out-of-class duties, they also find the college years to be a challenging and stretching experience.

infographic community college student engagement

Infographic Transcript
40% of students spend between one and five hours preparing for class, 30% spend six to ten hours, and 30% spend eleven hours or more.
Only 10% of students report never having to write papers for their courses.
24% of respondents work with classmates often on assignments outside of class.
30% of students have never read books for personal enjoyment or academic enrichment.
66) of students often participate in class discussions.
51% talk with instructors often about grades or assignments. 9% of students never have.
29% often talk to their instructors about their career plans, but 28% have never done so.
24% are neutral on whether their exams challenge them to do their best work, compared with two-thirds (68%) who agree they do.
Half (54%) of students often or very often work harder than they thought they could to meet an instructor’s standards or expectation.


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