Earning a college degree is crucial to ensuring career success. However, these days, you do not have to travel thousands of miles to attend school. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you have probably noticed that college classes (and the degrees they lead to) can be taken online, as well as in traditional classrooms. And online degrees have made it possible to get a college degree from anywhere.

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With the advent of online learning, students can pursue degrees in a wide variety of fields and majors without ever leaving the house. They can squeeze in homework during their lunch break. After their full-time job, they can take in a lecture from their home computer.

In fact, online degrees have become so mainstream students can earn just about any degree online. Of course, this means if there’s a career you want to get into, there’s a really good chance there’s an online degree to get you there. Here are just a few of the many great jobs you can obtain with online degrees:

1. Nurse

Are you worried about your job prospects after college? If so, you may want to consider a career in nursing. A number of colleges, including Brandman University and Ball State University, offer online degrees in this high-demand field and prepare grads for jobs in hospitals, doctors’ offices and even nursing homes. Because of a projected shortage, nursing school grads are also positioned to command high starting salaries. If you’re already an RN, you can up your earning potential even further by getting your Nursing Master’s online as well.

2. Computer Programmer

Want to pursue a career with great salary potential? Consider earning your computer programmer degree online. With programmers earning an average salary of $78,770, the degree is well worth the cost of tuition.

Current programmers can even pursue graduate degrees online. According to a recent article, Georgia Institute of Technology now offers a three-year online Master’s degree in computer science for just $7,000!

3. Teacher

Are you interested in helping to shape the next generation of Americans? These days, aspiring teachers can earn online degrees without leaving home. Choose from a wide range of specialties including early childhood education, curriculum and instruction, and special ed. If you’re worried about tuition costs, you can consider programs like the Federal Perkins Loan Cancellation Program and Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which offer loan forgiveness for many educators!

4. Business Professional

From human resources to marketing, a wide variety of job opportunities exist for someone with an online degree in business administration. Luckily, a number of schools offer online degrees in this growing field including Westwood College, Argosy University and Florida Tech. Earn your online degree in business administration and reap the rewards for years to come.

If you’re already working in the industry and want to increase your value to potential employers, consider earning an MBA online as well. A number of schools now offer these online degrees, including top-notch institutions such as Northeastern University and Penn State.

5. Cost Estimator

Number 31 on the list of New York Times top 100 jobs, a cost estimator collects data to determine the amount of time, money and labor needed to complete a construction project. In order to succeed in this job, you must be able to communicate effectively with engineers, architects, managers and construction workers. While not all cost estimators have college educations, earning an online degree in construction management or building science is a great way to get up a leg up in this exciting and lucrative field. According to U.S. News & World Report, cost estimators command an average salary of $58,460!

You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to earn a degree anymore. Online degrees can prepare you to work in some of the nation’s fastest-growing careers. If you want to launch your career in one of the above fields, consider earning your college degree online. It’s a decision you won’t likely regret.


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