online high schoolsAre you thinking of going back to school to earn your high school diploma? Is your son or daughter struggling in a traditional high school environment? Not only do online high schools offer a great alternative to GED programs, but they may also help prevent unhappy students from dropping out.

If you’re debating between sending your child to a traditional brick-and-mortar high school or enrolling them in an online high school, you want to research the pros and cons. To get you started, here are just five of the many benefits of online high schools:

1. More Time to Complete Coursework

If you’re having trouble completing your coursework on time, online high schools may give you the flexibility you need to earn that diploma. Distance learning institutions like Allied National High School afford students a full year to complete their coursework. Using software programs like Blackboard, students can set up reminders about impending tests and deadlines. Additionally, online high school students can usually view their grades online, so they always know how they’re doing in a given subject.

Because students can enroll in schools like Allied year-round, once you decide to earn your diploma, you don’t have to wait until the start of the school year. You can start earning credits toward your degree as soon as you want!

2. Easily Accessible Education

When students pursue traditional high school education, they are often limited in the schools they can attend. Thanks to online high schools, location is no longer a limiting factor in earning a degree.

Students in virtual learning programs can study and take classes from anywhere in the world, provided they have an Internet connection. This flexibility enables students to pursue the coursework they desire, even if the school is located in another town or state. Because students can access their coursework at any time and in a variety of locations, factors like work and family responsibilities are less likely to interfere with your child’s studies. Online high schools make education accessible to more people, enabling them to earn their diplomas faster.

3. Avoiding Distractions and Bullying

Want to ensure that distractions don’t prevent your student from earning a degree? Consider online high schools as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. When young people attend online schools, they can avoid diversions like drinking and drugs. Additionally, bullying is a huge problem among high school students these days.

In fact, a recent CBS news story reports that 18 percent of students at New York City schools endure bullying at some point in their high school careers. Online high schools can be a great way of avoiding this issue while focusing on what matters most: earning that diploma.

4. More Personalized Attention

It may surprise you to learn that students at online high schools can receive more personalized attention than those in a distance-learning environment. However, the truth is that many conventional schools are burdened by a lack of funding that results in large class sizes.

When students learn online, they enjoy one-on-one interaction with teachers in the form of chat conversations and emails. Students can check in with their teachers as needed, ensuring that they understand the current material before moving on to the next lesson.

5. Opportunity to Earn Missing Credits

Is your student missing a few credits? Online high schools make it much easier to go back and get the credits needed to earn that high school diploma. In traditional high schools, you can retake courses once a year or you can try to take them during summer school. But online high schools make it possible for students retake classes for better grades on a more flexible schedule.

And what if your student just wants to cut the chase and get their diploma done in as little time as possible? Many online schools allow students to pursue only the coursework they need to graduate, so they don’t have to waste time on unnecessary subject matter. Virtual learning is a great, convenient way to pursue your degree in an easy, expedient manner.

Online high schools allow students of all ages and learning styles to pursue their diplomas. If you’re thinking of going back to school, do your research and find out if virtual learning is right for your student.

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