For parents looking to give their child the best start in life, college used to be the default. A college degree would practically guarantee that your child would be spared from any significant unemployment or the low salaries that plagued that rest of the workforce.

Well, times have changed. And parents are rethinking their strategies.

In a recent survey by Inside Higher Ed and Gallup, parents of kids in fifth through twelfth grade spilled the beans about getting their kids ready for college. Many, however, also expressed some doubts about whether college was the only option for their child anymore. Their responses, shown in our newest infographic, capture these changing moods:

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“What is the most important reason for my child to get education beyond high school?”:
38% = Get a good job
25% = Become a well-rounded person
11% = Earn more money
8% = Learn to think critically
18% = Other

“There are ways other than college for my child to get a good job”:
47% = Agree
20% = Neither
33% = Disagree

“I would restrict the colleges my child applies to based on tuition and costs”:
68% = Likely
32% = Not likely

“A technical, vocational or professional certificate or degree program could lead my child to a good job”:
66% = Agree
20% = Neither
14% = Disagree


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