Grantham University, which is an online college, recently announced that it has partnered with the United States Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA) to help a member receive a college education at minimal cost. Officials said that the scholarship program, which is valued at $36,000, will cover tuition, required textbooks, software and fees for an undergraduate… Read More

Mountwest Community and Technical College, which is located in West Virginia, recently announced a partnership with Ohio University, news station WOWK reports. The agreement will allow MCTC students to seamlessly transfer to Ohio University to continue their education and earn four-year degrees. Students will participate in online classes at the bachelors degree granting institution. "The… Read More

Arizona State University (ASU) recently announced that it will partner with local community colleges to help students easily transfer from one school to the other, according to ASU's news site. The ASU Pathways Program is designed to help students who graduate from two-year schools gain automatic admittance into the four-year institution upon completion of a… Read More

The Semsphere Online Training Center recently announced that it will offer the semantic technology certification program. Officials told the news source that the online training center is designed to support fast and efficient learning. Furthermore, they also offer training methods such as distance learning and self-learning to support trainees in finding a fit for their… Read More

Rasmussen College, which offers online degree programs, recently announced that it has opened a new campus in Ocala, Florida. Officials said that the new facility will house computer labs that feature Alienware high-performance custom gaming PCs as well as a Microsoft Windows server room setup for individuals who are pursuing information technology degree programs. Furthermore,… Read More

Owens Community College (OCC) and Walsh College, with are located in Michigan, recently announced an articulation agreement that will enable business students to transfer from one institution to the other, The News-Messenger reports. As part of the agreement, students who are attending OCC can seamlessly transfer 82 credits toward a business degree in management, finance… Read More