Enlightening today’s higher education leaders on new technology, GoingOn Network vice president of client strategy Melissa Loble spoke at the EduComm 2011 conference at Walt Disney World Resort Hilton this week. The university business leadership institute conference, taking place June 13-15, featured various leaders in thought, innovation and expertise to offer their input and collaborate… Read More

Students earning their degree through online education need not miss out on the traditional college experience of finding inspiration through mentors and accomplished professors. Thanks to schools like Kaplan University, a lead innovator in higher education, opportunities for enriching the college experience are plentiful. Today, Kaplan University announced a new series called “Visionary Voices,” which… Read More

Though educators and administrators have debates on the topic, an increasing amount of research shows that online education is beneficial to student learning. And now the U.S. Department of Education is seems to be taking sides in favor of online education as well: a study conducted by the department revealed that online learning has advantages… Read More

Columbia College, the private, non-profit liberal arts and sciences college set along the Mississippi river in Columbia, Missouri, has witnessed booming growth in the past few years — so much that the online campus headquarters will be relocating to accommodate growth. With 76,500 course enrollments this year and just 2,800 enrollments with the online college… Read More

Online higher education institutions are gaining access to an increasing amount of resources as the field develops. Last week, SciQuest, a supplier management company for traditional and online schooling, announced itself as the leading provider of supply and strategic procurement solutions for online higher education. Expanding college base Thirty-eight colleges started using their services in… Read More

Rapid Expansion Northcentral University announced the expansion of it’s Scottsdale, AZ campus today, the second expansion in less than one year. The global leader in all-online education, the university opened its original campus in Scottsdale in June 2010. The enrollment center was meant to house counselors with room for future hiring, but rapid growth has… Read More

Irish higher education is taking the job market into their own hands, developing a program designed to create 6,000 new part-time higher education and training places for the unemployed. The University of Limerick, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and the University College Cork have all joined forces to create opportunities for the unemployed, hoping… Read More