Online education enrollment in American community colleges increased by 9 percent from Fall 2009 – Fall 2010, according to a recently released survey. An ITC study Released on Tuesday by the Instructional Technology Council, the 2010 survey called  “Trends in eLearning: Tracking the impact of eLearning at Community Colleges” measured the impact of several developments… Read More

The majority of Americans believe college is too expensive and fails to provide good value to students, but the overwhelming majority of students still say college is a good investment for them personally, according to a recent study. Is college worth it? The Pew Research Center released the study “Is College Worth It?” on May… Read More

With countless remote islands sprinkled about the Pacific and Indian oceans, many Asian countries are far removed from commercial stores, medical help, and quality education. Yet even in countries unheard of in America, there are people eager to earn a degree in higher education, for job improvement and for the sake of expanding knowledge. These… Read More

As the tuition prices skyrocket, government funding is cut to a minimum and the nation’s economy struggles to get back on it’s feet, the future of higher education appears to be bleak. Still, studies have shown that higher education enrollment increases in times of economic recession, and post-secondary education is increasingly more valuable in the… Read More

Economic and workforce conditions are just right for the expansion of online education in the Middle East, said University of Phoenix – Dubai center director Raj Kapoor. At the 1st QS-Maple conference, held on May 1 and 2 in Dubai, Kapoor gave a presentation persuading educators to increase online education to meet the future needs… Read More

Most prison inmates have restricted Internet access, which is seemingly an understandable and worthy limitation. Restricted Internet access prevents inmates from communicating with the outside world at an improper and dangerous level and also prevents scams and further crime. However, these restrictions are also preventing inmates from taking online courses, earning higher education and degrees… Read More

Two new higher education course products have been released by ALEKS Corporation, a major provider of web-based mathematics courses for higher education. Developed by  scientists, mathematicians, and software engineers at the University of California, Irvine, the new ALEKS courses, Florida Math 0018 and Florida Math 0028, will completely cover the new competencies for Florida’s developmental… Read More