Traditionally universities are increasingly becoming institutions of “blended learning” as they make strides in implementing an increasing amount of technology-based courses. Virginia’s public James Madison University (JMU), for example, is now the first university to partner with language-learning software company Rosetta Stone to offer a technology-based language learning course for students. Starting with a pilot… Read More

In the last five years, Ohio’s University of Toledo (UT) has constructed many new buildings, partnered with ProMedica Health System and increased enrollment for nine consecutive semesters. Despite these successes, the university still recognizes a need to adapt to a changing world and address looming threats to the university — like the expected budget cut… Read More

More than 60 percent of professors at private colleges and universities plan on using online learning in their future curriculum, according to a new study by Babson College. The eight-year study by the Babson Survey Research Group released these findings in a report called “Sloan Survey of Online Education,” which focused on identifying attitudes and… Read More

In an age of changing technological tools, an economic recession and intense competition in the job market, the mainstream higher education system is bound to see change in the near future, and one Scottish university principal says the change can and should be made now. Scottish university principal James Fraser recently said he thinks it… Read More

As online higher education emerges as a mainstream means of earning a degree, the learning style has branched into several different forms, making the industry difficult to define. From “blended learning” to “mixed learning” to “telecommuting” classes, online higher education can be found in various levels, with some students often meeting with in-person counselors or… Read More

college grants

As more Pennsylvania college students find difficulty in receiving financial aid for their online courses, the state is evaluating the fairness of their policy that limits the number of online courses a student can take to 50 percent, if they want to remain eligible of state grants. The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) realized… Read More

Military Student

Juggling a full schedule of responsibilities and facing the obstacle of limited funds, members of the military often find it difficult to simultaneously complete their undergraduate degree. Yet receiving a diploma is beneficial for many military personnel, helping them advance their military career or get a  jump start into  another field of interest. The rise… Read More

Though many popular for-profit online colleges offer business programs, their lack of accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) makes the degree seem lackluster in comparison to traditional programs. However, in recent years many traditional colleges have recently branched into the realm of online courses, offering MBA programs completely online. Even… Read More