Bryant & Stratton College, one of the leading higher education schools for online associate’s degrees, is hosting a free webinar series about post-graduation career opportunities for existing and prospective students throughout the month of April. The classes will be lead by Kim Dority, an experienced speaker who has presented at numerous career conferences using her… Read More

international students

Sitting atop 2,500 acres in the peninsula that is Doha, Qatar, Education City lies as the home and ground of learning for  more than 1,000 college students. Founded by the local nonprofit program the Qatar Foundation, the modern international campus is a compilation of primary, secondary and higher education schools, some of which you might… Read More

Penn State

Funding from the state of Pennsylvania is drastically lower at Penn State than other state universities, according to a new survey of state support for flagship universities. Based on figures from 2008, the Chronicle survey states Penn State received  $2373 per student from the state — less than half the amount every other state university… Read More

Hibernia College founder Dr. Sean Rowland said most of the growth will come in the United States, England and other European countries in academic, administrative and technological departments of the college. Consequently, Rowland said he encourages Irish teachers to explore abroad and to get experience, and then return to Ireland to teach long-term. The current… Read More

In the initial stages of online higher education, many online colleges required students to “attend” online courses — a process that somewhat defeated the purpose of receiving an online degree, since many online higher education students work full-time jobs and look to an online degree as a more flexible option. Consequently, online degrees sometimes have… Read More

High School Computer Lab

Though just 113 high school students attend Notus Junior/Senior High School in the rural town of Notus, Idaho, the education they receive is nothing less than cutting-edge. The staff at Notus has learned to embrace technology, giving their students access to more than 130 online elective courses through Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA), allowing students… Read More