These guys are in charge of life-and-death decisions every day. Each of them commands the allegiance of millions of people. Most of them could plunge the world into World War III with a single executive order. So, what qualifies them to make these kinds of choices? Few universities offer courses on Pre-emptive Nuclear War Decision-making or How to Implement a Global War on Terror. No, these are big jobs, bigger than any one person. But I think it goes without saying that some leaders are more fit to lead than others. Let’s see who makes the grade…… Read More

We thought it would be worthwhile to look at the educational backgrounds for some of Hollywood’s most influential stars. How many of them can match the characters they play? How many of them are actually qualified to speak to the complex and multi-faceted problems that afflict the globe? See who makes the grade.… Read More

Maybe you’re tired of your jeans cutting off circulation to your legs. Maybe you’ve felt guilty about sneaking an extra brownie from time to time. Maybe you feel this bank robbery thing has just gotten out of hand. Whatever your shortcomings, the beginning of a new year can be a great time to decide to be better. And you certainly won’t be alone. Studies show that Americans are more resolution-conscious than ever, with the practice of setting resolutions being far more prevalent than people who actually know the words to that New Years song.… Read More

Office holiday parties put you in an odd place where the normal rules governing socialization and appropriateness are skewed, if not thrown out altogether. Behavior is expected to be looser than your everyday office behavior. However, you are also expected to not go buck wild and behave like you are at some frat party. Even though you are out of the office, people are watching, status and reputation are on the line, and fit for upcoming promotions is being evaluated. You may ask, “What do my table manners have to do with my ability to manage projects?” Hey, I never said the practice was fair; I only said it happens. Just be grateful you know and pass the word on to your friends. If you have any office rivals that you would like to see bite the dust, conveniently neglect to pass on this advice to them.… Read More

Americans work more hours annually on average than any of their counterparts in other countries. It’s no wonder that, even when we’re given a holiday or a vacation to relax, we still manage to pack it with so many activities and errands that it hardly feels like a vacation at all. … Read More

When you are a minority, it’s not easy being hired by a diversity-focused company or attending a diversity-focused school. It is common to wonder if you were only hired for your race. It’s also common to wonder if your co-workers think you were hired for your skin color. Some folks, particularly those who feel disadvantaged by diversity initiatives, will even resent you for coming in the back door, so to speak. Needless to say, the shadow of diversity initiatives hangs over you.… Read More

Our director stood before the group to announce a new diversity initiative from corporate headquarters. “If two candidates possessed equal qualifications and experience and one was a white male and the other an underrepresented minority,” he said clumsily, “we would hire the minority.”

A gasp of shock went up from the group, which consisted of people of Ethiopian, Egyptian, Korean, Italian, Jewish, Danish, Hispanic, West Indian, Filipino, Irish, and German descent, male and female. … Read More

The stuff that people contribute to office Christmas party gift exchanges range from stale Slim Jims to leftover achievement plaques to genuinely cool gifts. And everyone wants to be the person who brought the gift that everyone fought over or that had everyone rolling in the aisles. With more enthusiastic crowds, bad presents can generate some genuine resentment and hostility. Good presents can boost your social status.

To make the process of finding that perfect gift a little easier, I did some research online and found the following surefire winners at affordable prices…… Read More