It can be a forgettable moment, one that destroys any popularity you’ve built up with your officemates, or one that propels you to new heights of prestige and fame. I speak of the moment that one of your co-workers receives your present at the office holiday party and unwraps it. For a single instant, all eyes will be on you and your contribution. For better or worse, the contents will define who you are. This gift, then, must be chosen with the perfect balance of style and wit, boldness and subtlety.… Read More

College football has had a wacky season. But not as wacky as the people who show up to root their teams on to victory or bitter defeat. I’m talking about fans. In their myriad of forms, they flock to stadiums, bars, or big-screen TVs to scream, shout, curse, sing, or just politely clap. Away from football, they are business professionals, blue collar workers, artists, someone’s brother, sister, parent or grandparent. Once under the influence of the gridiron, however, they turn into a rabid mob. At their best, football fans have been known to propel their team to a win. At their worst, fans have been known to break store windows, overturn cars, and get friendly with police in riot gear.

College football just wouldn’t be the same without the fans. In the next few weeks, this unusual season will build to a hopefully exciting climax. To those who will find themselves surrounded by this endearing breed this weekend, I provide this guide to five types of college football fans…… Read More

After those first three steps (Pump Up Your Resume in 6 Steps: Part One), your resume has been elevated to the Karate Kid level. It has some skills but is still pretty weak. These next three steps will elevate your resume to the Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris level of job-search butt-kicking.… Read More

Your resume is your first introduction to a prospective employer. A sloppy, flabby resume tells them it came from a sloppy, flabby person and soon finds its way into the circular file (that’s a trashcan, by the way). Before they’ve even seen how you dress, speak, or otherwise present yourself, your chances of getting that job have been narrowed to zero. For this reason, flabby resumes cannot be tolerated.… Read More

You know how at the end of most scary movies the good guys are walking away, seemingly safe from the psychopath or zombie or ghost that has been stalking them, and then, BOOM! a bloody hand comes out of nowhere, grabs the good guy, and BAM! they cut to the credits? Well, I’m like that, too. Just when you thought I was going to relax and leave you alone through Halloween, I return with one more final trio of spine-tingling tales- just like that bloody hand reaching into the frame and making you scream like a kindergartener and grab your roommate…… Read More

They’re heeeere… again. As with inhumanly high levels of sugar intake on Halloween, so with ghost stories. This time of year, people just can’t get enough of scaring themselves. Why do we do it? Maybe to remind ourselves what it feels like. Maybe to tap into that primal terror the ancients felt in the presence of unexplainable forces. Maybe just for the adrenaline rush.

At any rate, I’m happy to oblige with three more tales of the restless dead, demonic forces, and shadowy apparitions that roam our nation’s colleges. … Read More