In order to debunk myths and stereotypes about college athletes being “less intelligent” than other college students I would like to point out that earning a degree while becoming a legendary sports superstar isn’t a walk in the park. Obtaining just ONE of those two feats is daunting to the majority of the world. Thanks… Read More

Ever wonder why college kids are the most fashionable, active and social group in our society? College students live in a bubble of financial aid, protected from accruing interest and subsidized by government grants and scholarships. They are, temporarily, protected from a crumbling economy. Thanks to all of my financial aid, I didn’t have to… Read More

Considering all, I conclude that phone books and newspapers will be, in the very near future, a thing of the past. But other mediums I have yet to mention are magazines and the Internet. Young people still read, but not what their grandparents are reading. And last I checked, today’s average college student typically outlives the average grandparent.… Read More

This explains how to optimize your articles so they can be found on the internet. There are two tools: Post Tags and All In One SEO. If you use these tools your article will appear in searches more often and increase the readership of your writing. Note: This article has been written for the benefit… Read More

Congratulations to Merry Graham and Audrey Shay who won The Busy Mom’s Holiday Recipe Contest! View Contest $200 William and Sonoma gift card winner I’m excited that I could contribute a quick recipe for busy moms! My recipe, Quick Chicken & Broccoli Curry, is perfect for this time of year. A complete meal in one… Read More