Do you think higher education is due for a make-over? The fact alone that tuition has increased 600 percent since 1980 should be an indication that the system is broken. Honestly, how long can we continue down that road before college is completely out of reach for anyone other than the top one percent of… Read More

Every week the banks come up with some new loophole they’ve found to get around the Durbin Amendment (that was added on the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act) and the Credit Card Reform Act. In a nutshell these new laws prevent banks from continuously gouging both consumers and merchants in a sea of unnecessary transaction and… Read More

Typically a rite of passage when applying to college is taking one of the standardized college entrance exams, usually the SAT or ACT. Historically when you took the SAT (which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test) you were taking what was officially called the SAT I. SAT II were the specialized tests you could add on… Read More

On October 3, 2011, the iPad will be a whopping 18 months old. Hard to believe, since it seems like the cute little device has been around forever, mainly because it quickly wormed its way into our collective consciousness faster than the pet rock. When it first came out Apple claimed that the iPad would… Read More

It’s no secret that the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, which means luxuries must often go by the wayside. But what is considered a luxury? Prior to 2008 getting a college degree, for example, was as common for the middle class as going to high school. But now that the middle… Read More

If only you could just pick cash off the trees then you wouldn’t have to worry about a steady income while going to college. But whether you’re an online or on-campus college student you still need to eat and pay rent (at the minimum). And let’s not forget that those college classes cost money, so… Read More

Whether you’re going to college online or you’re hauling yourself to a brick-and-mortar campus starting school every fall is always a fresh new experience no matter how seasoned of a student you might be. With the economy and technology changing faster than a caffeinated humming bird every new school year brings a set of challenges… Read More