Years ago, colleges were seen as institutions of higher learning; you attended because of the academics. Today, because of the cost of a college education, students view a degree as a transaction. That expensive degree should net you a good paying job after graduation. If higher education expects students to shell out the big bucks… Read More

If you were ever or are a college student, know a college student, or have a child that’s a college student you know about the infamous “Freshman 15”. It’s a theory that all freshmen gain 15 pounds their first semester of college. Why? They make poor food choices. They stay up late, eat junk food… Read More

A few weeks ago, Intelligence Squared U.S. hosted a live debate on NPR as part of Chicago Idea Week titled, “Too Many Kids Go to College”. Peter Thiel, Paypal co-founder, and another expert, squared off with two educators over the statement and the final vote was 47% for vs. 46% against. By the end of… Read More

In the old days when a student had a question or needed help in the classroom they raised their hands. In large lectures usually reserved for freshman students interaction in class was limited to getting help from a teacher’s assistant or talking to the professor after class. With the introduction of mobile devices, interaction with… Read More

The Occupy Wall Street resistance movement reminds me of a scene from the movie “Network” from the 70’s. The main character got fed up with the mainstream media and yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. So echo the protestors the last few weeks on Wall Street. College students… Read More

Most everyone has either seen or heard about the movie, “Social Network” about the creator and founder of Facebook. The last few weeks, the technology world has been reminiscing about the career of Steve Jobs and his contribution to the lives we now lead based on his forward-thinking vision. Without Microsoft’s creator Bill Gates our… Read More

This week Governor Jerry Brown signed California’s groundbreaking and controversial Dream Act, which allows illegal immigrant students to receive in-state tuition, apply for financial aid and merit-based scholarships to help pay their way through college. With its passage, California became the 11th state to pass their own version of the national Dream Act awaiting passage… Read More

Have you ever heard of using a coupon for college? As the economy continues to tank, couponing (the use of coupons when paying for products or services) has become more and more prevalent with Americans. Years ago, housewives were the main target market for companies producing coupons for their products. College students have used their… Read More

America it’s time to evaluate the quality and quantity of our education. It’s time for educators, parents, students and even politicians to get their heads out of the sand and stop saying that “America is the best!” It’s time to look at the cold hard facts about our global rankings and ask some tough questions… Read More