We have spoken at length on our blog about Pell grants, which are available to anyone who has sufficient financial need and meets all other requirements. (To get your introduction to the world of financial aid and Pell grants, read our article Everything You Need to Know About College Grants.) But there are also other… Read More

As you’re probably well aware, the expectations and achievements of women and mothers in higher education have changed dramatically in the last few decades. The strides women have made in closing the gender gap in both education and career have been well-documented in the news. Still, despite these advances, no one feels torn about going… Read More

With the 2012 presidential election still sounding in our ears, we have gotten a heavy dose of politics for the last ten months. At times, politics can be frustrating, unreal, a game of artificiality, dishonesty, and kissing up. And yet, politics are not only found in Washington or in the government office. Politics abound in… Read More

Job search sites and blogs, including Education Today, make a big deal about your resume, about toning that document into a interview-grabbing machine. However, before we even discuss resumes or interviews, we should talking about what you should be doing in the workplace to have a great resume. After all, if you do not perform… Read More

Today’s blog post from MintLife is a refreshing piece of advice and one which reminds of something my accounting professor once told me. In the post, blogger Matthew Amster-Burton says: “Recently a reporter asked me for financial advice for new college graduates. What I came up with was nothing new: the best financial move a… Read More

Holidays are great for jobs. In fact, whole economies rely on holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, and Mothers Day to survive. Well, Halloween is no exception. In fact, over the years, Halloween has grown from being a mere candy-fest to being a full-blown celebration of terror and bad behavior. With that growth comes jobs. Are… Read More