Ever since affirmative action entered the national scene in 1961, the subject of diversity at the nation’s colleges and universities has morphed and shifted, especially as the percentage of underrepresented minorities at colleges has risen. Now a new study regarding the admission of minorities at the University of Oklahoma, released just a few days ago,… Read More

Finding a job is never easy, especially in the current job market. But LinkedIn offers some unique tools that make the job hunt a little simpler. Combined with the power of your network, this tool lets you find posted jobs, find contacts within those companies, and expand your network into those companies. Just in case… Read More

So the media just got done talking about how women are surpassing men in college and the workplace. More women aspired to attend college than men. More female students (65%) than male students (56%) are actually finishing college. Finally, women are spreading into the workplace, assuming higher positions than at any other time in history.… Read More

There’s no better way to increase your chances of getting a solid job after graduating from college than adding a good internship to your resume. Internships give you real-world experience and training even before you have a full-fledged college degree. This gives you a significant advantage over other college students who made be focusing solely… Read More

Here at ClassesAndCareers.com, we get a lot of questions about college and all the terms that come with it. Some of these can be difficult to understand at first, but, with a little research, they make perfect sense. For example, if you have requested more information about schools online, you have probably been asked about… Read More

WARNING: The following post is not for people who are creating a resume for an industry like, say, Healthcare, Construction, or Investment Banking. If you break out of the norm and do something crazy in these types of industry, your resume will be passed over. So please only implement these the following tips if you… Read More

Becoming a mom, for all its benefits, can limit your career choices. After all, you are typically needed for nurturing and looking after your kids in addition to your work duties. Thankfully, there are some very stable careers that fit very well with the mom lifestyle. Here is our list of five great careers for… Read More