Graduation is quickly approaching for many college students across the country. They will be facing an unstable job market with only a slight sign of recovery. But for many, the competition will be fierce, leaving them with few options after graduation. Many have labeled this the “boomerang” generation—faced with few job prospects and mounting debt,… Read More

According to a study released in January 2010 55% of people employed in the U.S. are dissatisfied with their jobs and/or careers. If you fall into this unhappy bracket, check out these five risks you can take to spice up your work week. They might be just the push you need to get you to fall in love with your career all over again.… Read More

It’s no secret. College tuition prices keep rising. In some recent articles (What drives up the rising cost of college tuition? and Addressing the rising cost of tuition) I discussed the problem in detail, asking the question, “Will it ever end?” In another article on this site (What will the cost of tuition be by… Read More

If you have a teen headed to college or are contemplating higher education yourself, you might wonder why college costs keep rising. There is one thing you can be sure of in life: college tuition will rise every year. Prices rise and fall all around us, but tuition never goes down. The National Center for… Read More

The New York Times reported late last year the findings of the College Board’s 2010 annual reports.  As state financing dwindled, four-year public universities increased their published tuition and fees almost 8 percent, to an average of $7,605. When room and board is included, the average in-state student at a public university now pays $16,140… Read More

During these tough economic times, everyone is finding ways to cut costs. Pinching pennies and forgoing that latte can add up, but what about paying less for those college expenses: tuition, room and board, books, and meals. Until our economy picks up and catches up with the rising cost of tuition, parents and students need… Read More