The combined amount of personal debt in the US is $2 trillion which is about the GDP of England. That means Americans are in debt more than a country earns in a year. And that $2 trillion debt boils down to $117,951 per household. The statistics don’t get much better from there. Even though Americans are a hard-working and industrious people they undertake too much debt and save too little. In the 1960s the average American saved 11 percent of their paycheck and in the 1990s it had decreased to 5 percent and then in 2003 it fell to 2.3 percent. However, because of the shaky economy, savings among Americans have risen to between 5 and 7 percent of their disposable income.… Read More

You are still falling. And, unless something changes, you are going to get very hurt or die when you hit the ground. Ridiculous, I know. But that is exactly what we are expected to swallow in the reporting of unemployment figures. The Associated Press is reporting today that “first-time claims for unemployment benefits dropped to a seasonally adjusted 444,000 last week,” down 7,000. … Read More

You can tell a lot about someone’s priorities by where they spend their money… Our federal government, as an entity, is no different. Where the government puts its trillions tells us volumes about what it values most. And, sorry to say, education is nowhere near the top of the list.… Read More

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Students all over the country are facing tough economic times as tuition and school fees are increasing nationwide. With budgets being cut and schools being forced to take drastic measures, many students are turning to online education.… Read More

Because of the deficits in funding for education the government is facing, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan warns that many teachers and administrators will be receiving pink slips in coming months and weeks. States are recognizing that the budgets are never going to reach their needs so they have to make cuts somewhere and the easiest way is by cutting special programs, combining classes, and cutting faculty.… Read More

The job markets are down nationwide, with an estimated 15 million people currently unemployed and jobless rates at 17 percent in some states. Other states, however, are faring better than others. Your chances of finding or keeping a job in these states, although not ideal, are better than in others. To take advantage of these… Read More

Despite the stimulus and the tax breaks the economy is still unpredictable. And Bill Gates has come out and said the U.S. economy “could take years to recover from the recession and taxes will rise in order to bring the federal budget into balance.” Gates also warned that too much government intervention could worsen the economy’s prospects and instead they should focus on long-term policy goals like improving education.… Read More

The recent unpredictable economy has given many families a reason to worry. Fathers are having a hard time providing for their family and are looking for new ways to compensate. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, unemployment rose to 10.2 percent in October for adult men. Many employed and unemployed fathers are using this… Read More