But for all the bad stuff that has happened and the harrowing stuff that’s being foretold, it feels like we’re in limbo. I would like to believe that we dodged the bullet and it’s time to rebuild. But that belief would in no way be built on logic or reason. It’s time to pay the piper and our credit cards are maxed out.… Read More

Beyond the initial shock and fear, households are looking at this change as a creative way to adapt. Half a dozen of my neighbors have wives who are going back to school. In the meantime, the men are learning to reconnect with home. Maybe, in a way, our families and even our relationships are more tight-knit than ever. … Read More

It’s time to consider the sobering possibility that there is nothing we can do except grow up and learn to accept the consequences of our overspending. It’s time to accept that we cannot avoid a deep recession any more than we can keep winter from coming… it’s time to just let things take their course.… Read More

He owns a landscaping business in Utah and sees this time as a chance to outpace his competition. While they are tightening their budgets and cutting down on advertising, he is able to find better deals on advertising and increase his market presence. When everyone else is frowning, Mr. Landscaping is grinning from ear to ear.… Read More

Didn’t I feed the frenzy by taking on credit card after credit card? Didn’t I mortgage my home with less than a solid down payment? I got caught up in the spending frenzy just as much as those crazy bankers. In some small way, I helped push us toward the economic brink.… Read More