It is no secret that many enter military service because of the GI Bill (among many reasons, of course). And that comes as no surprise: having most or all of your college education paid for is a big deal. But what many servicemen and servicewomen might not realize is that the GI Bill, and other… Read More

Universities across the nation participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, allowing Navy veterans to obtain a college degree for free in many instances. “The Navy really encourages its members to get an education,” says Diane Johnson, education analyst at, a free college information service. “Enlisted members of the Navy can receive financial aid that… Read More

U.S. soldiers and their families are still reeling from President Barack Obama’s newest announcement to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Many soon-to-be-deployed soldiers, however, are already planning to use their downtime overseas to earn college degrees online. In fact, online universities are showing record increases in military enrollments following the White House’s announcement. “Soldiers… Read More