Here at, we get a lot of questions about college and all the terms that come with it. Some of these can be difficult to understand at first, but, with a little research, they make perfect sense. For example, if you’ve requested more information about schools, you’ve probably been asked about your “academic major,”… Read More

I bet you never thought of business networking like a vegetable garden. Such an image seems far away from the dreaded experience of walking up to people and trying to convince them to be your friend so you can use them later to get a job. But, in actuality, networking is more than going to… Read More

Every day, with every interaction, you are building or destroying your professional network. Everything you do is an act of business networking. Before you think I am just being overdramatic, think about how you treat your co-workers or your superiors, how you act while you are at work, how you react to pleas for help… Read More

You will often hear that chances for business networking are all around, and it is true. Technically, every person you meet is a potential member of your network. However, some places are better than others. As much as you may hear about how great social media is for networking, the more traditional venues tend to… Read More

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If your resume is a snapshot of your career and education, your cover letter tells the employer what to look for in that snapshot. It answers the questions: Why this employer? and What can you do for us? Like its name implies, the cover letter is a letter that is meant to sit on top… Read More

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