If you have completed your Objective (which is optional, by the way) as outlined in our post “How to Write Your Resume Objective,” you are ready to start on your Education section. One of the goals of your resume is to show employers what you have done with your time. This is certainly the case… Read More

If you have composed your resume header as outlined in our post “How to Write Your Resume Header,” then you are ready to start on your Objective. An Objective is a one- to three-line statement that tells why you are submitting your resume to the organization. As we mentioned in our post “How to Format… Read More

Sometimes to referred to as a letterhead, your header sits at the top of the page. It tells the employer who the resume belongs to and how to reach them. While it should not be too flashy, it should make it easy for them to see and remember, After all, if they are impressed by… Read More

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how to improve your career

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get the most out of your mba program

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