Students Might Need to Work While They're in College

If you’re considering this difficult work-school balance, you’re probably stressing about where you’ll find the time to handle these obligations. But consider for a moment the benefits that working during school can bring to you. To help, here are five very strong reasons to stay in your career while you study.… Read More

signs you're ready to go back to get your graduate degree

How do you know it’s the right thing for you? You start to have strange, sometimes illogical feelings. Secretly, you may wish that learning could just go on and on, not that you’d ever share that with your friends or co-workers. To help you identify which group you fall into, we’ve compiled this list of five signs that you’re ready to go back for a graduate degree.… Read More

time to go back to school

Life certainly has a way of telling us it’s time to go back to college. Our job situations, the economy, or changes in pace of life can all drop the hint to us, if we’re paying attention. If you experience any of the following five signs, it might be time for you to think about completing your college education.… Read More

switching careers

More often than not, the people we celebrate have gone through a few career changes before finally falling the jobs we know them for. For these individuals, career changes act as springboards, building off their previous jobs and taking them closer to their goals. You’ll notice this pattern in these four notable people who changed careers before settling into their more well-known jobs.… Read More

communications majors journalism

What can you do with a Communications degree? What can’t you do? You can work in the corporate world. You can go to the front lines of a war or write stories from the safety of your home office. In short, a major in Communications can take you anywhere. Courtesy of the ClassesAndCareers team, here are ten careers for Communications majors.… Read More

give your brain a break

Why do we, as students, tend to push our brains to perform without properly maintaining them? Whether you’re busy or not, these wonderful organs in our heads need a break. Here are five simple ways to make sure you give your brain a breather so it can work for you when you need it.… Read More

brain puzzles

The similarities between the brain and the muscles of the body are surprising. Just as your muscles require constant working and stretching to grow and improve, your brain also requires hard, challenging work to continue its own development and growth. Also, like a muscle, sometimes your brain needs to woken up, warmed up for the… Read More

how to balance work and school

Once you go from just working to being a student and a worker, you realize that you now have two masters. To help you with this tricky tug-o-war, we’ve provided you with these five handy tips for maintaining your work-school balance.… Read More