For the anniversary of the start of World War II former allies and former enemies met together, in an effort to remember the bloodiest conflict in the 20th century. History cannot be repeated if it is remembered. Poland’s Prime Minister remarked at the ceremony that “We should examine everything which ended up bringing about the tragedy of Sept. 1, 1939.”… Read More

As the nation’s attention is focused on the action of the presidential primaries, we intensely scrutinize each candidate and their fit for the presidency. Amidst the flurry of lofty promises, swelling words, handshakes, debates, and veiled attacks, we try to get a handle on who these people are. Of course, the answer to these questions largely depends on your beliefs and perspective, your idea of what a president should be. While education is not the sum of a person, we offer the following glimpses into the educational accomplishments of the 2008 presidential candidates.… Read More

These guys are in charge of life-and-death decisions every day. Each of them commands the allegiance of millions of people. Most of them could plunge the world into World War III with a single executive order. So, what qualifies them to make these kinds of choices? Few universities offer courses on Pre-emptive Nuclear War Decision-making or How to Implement a Global War on Terror. No, these are big jobs, bigger than any one person. But I think it goes without saying that some leaders are more fit to lead than others. Let’s see who makes the grade…… Read More