The ripple effect ever-changing technology has on just about every industry makes it hard for anyone to have the same job for 40 years. And if that’s the case, why not consider jobs that are not only lucrative, but also fun? Check out these four fun careers that you can actually make a living doing.… Read More

Going green is a hot topic today: from recycling, to hybrid vehicles, to wind energy. So it only seems natural that colleges and universities head down that path and provide options for “green” education. When you talk about green education, there are many avenues you can pursue: sustainable energy, conservation, and environmental science are just… Read More

As Americans, we have certainly had our share of disaster indoctrination: from terrorist attacks to all forms of natural disasters. September 11th affected every one of us, even those of us who didn’t live in New York or Washington at the time. Recently, the news of two devastating hurricanes, Katrina and Ike, showed all of… Read More

When someone mentions geriatrics or elder care, it usually brings to mind caring for the sick, the aging and often those close to dying. In that stage of life, we frequently think of it as babysitting the sick and dying. It brings to mind the picture of nursing homes, those who have lost their mental… Read More

Do you spend your free time playing Madden NFL, Gods of War or Mass Effect? Do you have all the latest technology to make your gaming experience complete? Do you sit at home, playing these games, thinking about how you could make the game better or more user-friendly? If you answered yes to these questions,… Read More

You can choose to obtain a business degree, a marketing degree or specialize in an even more focused field so that you will be properly prepared to run a winning industry. There are so many options available to you today through traditional or online schools to obtain the business degree that will be the most beneficial to your trade. Go after the area that interests you.… Read More

This month, a new book to be released, Closing America’s Job Gap, suggests that there is a disparity between the good jobs being created by innovation and the lack of American workers with the right skills to fill those jobs. According to Mary Walshok, a thought leader on career reinvention and the new innovation economy,… Read More

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The National Center for Education Statistics recently released findings of a study that followed the attainment and persistence rates of a nationally representative sample of 19,000 American students, following them over the past six years. The report found that, within six years of enrollment: 35 percent of students had not received any type of degree… Read More

Even though women make up 47.5 percent of the workforce, they are significantly underrepresented. In the 111th Congress. Only 17.9 percent of representatives are female, and there are also few CEO’s. Out of the 500 biggest companies in the U.S. only 3 percent of those are run by women.… Read More