Criminal Justice Degrees are one of the most sought after degrees currently, and one with the biggest employment potential, according to a report from the Department of Education.

Four of the fastest growing and most profitable careers in Criminal Justice are the following:

1. Crime Scene Investigator- If you’ve ever watched any CSI shows on TV, you have a slightly…… Read More

For years Americans have been hearing about how much a college degree can increase their earnings. It seemed education was the way to financial security and success. However, new reports are showing that students are leaving college with a huge amount of debt and they are not that much better off than those that went from high-school straight into their careers.… Read More

Planned layoffs at tech companies rose in 2009 and hit the highest level in four years. Tech sector employers announced that over 174,000 jobs were cut in 2009 alone. And this is a 12.3% increase which is the highest since 2008, and the highest total since 2005.… Read More

A new study found that five times as many high school and college students are facing anxiety and mental health issues than the same age group during the Great Depression. A psychological questionnaire from 1938 confirmed the belief among counselors that students are struggling with not only school but life in general more than in the past.… Read More

New Years is a time for resolutions and a time to reflect on your life in the past year. Some people are happy with their life but many want to improve and change themselves. Usually everyone tries a new diet or exercise plan and thinks about the trips they want to take, or the new job they want to find. But the fact is a lot of this is dependent on what you do in the next year. In 2010, consider improving your life by earning a degree.… Read More

More women are avoiding becoming computer scientists because of the geek stereotype. Many girls stay away from this major because they don’t feel like they fit in with fellow classmates. They don’t know much about comic books, video games, or Star Trek lines. Plus there are very few girls in computer science so about 85 percent of their classmates are guys.… Read More

Federal authorities busted eight people from Russia, Moldova, and Estonia for what authorities are calling “one of the most sophisticated computer hacking rings in the world.” The ring was able to successfully steal $9 million in less than 12 hours by hacking into payroll debit card information last November.… Read More

One of the biggest draws to teaching is the growing numbers of students and the shortage of teachers. It seems like the perfect job. You get to work and educate children, have a great schedule including long summers, plus all the benefits of working for the government.… Read More

As more and more jobs are being lost, mortuary services are growing. Even though this may not be the most glamorous job, it does provide its employees with a consistent paycheck. Plus, this is one job that even a recession won’t slow down. There is going to be job security that you wouldn’t believe.… Read More