So far this year, MOOCs have just about stolen the spotlight from all other forms of online education. And face it: the thought of giving away top-quality courses over the Internet, sometimes from brand-name colleges like Harvard and MIT, is pretty exciting. Who wouldn’t want to be able to tell their friends, “Yeah, I aced… Read More

Online courses are moving in. But that doesn’t mean traditional courses aren’t in your future. If you look at the news, online courses are well on their way to world domination. According to the 2012 study by the Sloan Consortium, which has been following trends in online courses since 2003, 32 percent of all higher… Read More

In some ways, online classes are very much like traditional classes at traditional colleges. An instructor takes students through course material one topic and one lecture at a time. And as in traditional classes, online students are given homework assignments that they are expected to complete with each topic and exams to test their newfound… Read More

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are taking the world by storm, changing the availability of education. These courses, of which most are free, are taught by professors and teachers from ivy-league universities to state colleges and can be taken by any wannabe learner. You can’t earn a diploma through these programs yet, but in some… Read More