It is no secret that college tuition rates have been rising at an alarming rate for the last several years. This increase in tuition has caused more would-be students to choose other schools or to skip college altogether, and this has hurt college enrollments. Especially, at private colleges, fewer students are applying. And that rise… Read More

Being well-rounded. Thinking critically. Life experience. These are all good reasons to go to college, online or traditional. But, with college costs climbing, parents and students are fully justified in questioning if all that money is a good investment, more than just a glorified summer camp. But how do you put a dollar figure on… Read More

Whether your planning on sending your child, or yourself, to college online or on campus, there is always one big question on your mind: How am I going to pay for all this? As you’ll see in our newest infographic, you want to start saving for a college education as soon as possible. No, seriously.… Read More

Whether your considering an online college or a traditional one, you always want to consider the cost. And most of that cost will come from tuition. Depending on the college, that tuition can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars per semester to $70,000. For this very reason, it helps to know where schools offer… Read More

It is no secret that student debt is on the rise. Not only are colleges charging more in tuition bucks, but many former students are also struggling to pay hefty monthly loan payments after graduating. According to a recent article on, Americans owe an astonishing $1.2 trillion in student-loan debt. With college degrees more… Read More

Whether you are getting your college degree online or on campus, college is a time of unbridled optimism for the future. The world is your oyster, career opportunities are unlimited, and sky is the limit for salaries. Soon after graduation, however, reality sets in. A recent survey of 2013 and 2012 college grads reveals that… Read More

It is not the high school pal with whom you decided to attend the same college. It is not the hot girl/guy you just met at orientation. And it’s definitely not that weird kid studying molecular biology while sitting in the drinking fountain. Nope, for the first couple weeks of your college experience, your school’s… Read More

For anyone thinking about getting a traditional or online degree, student loans have never been a bigger topic.  Just for the record, student loans had already nearly double since 2007 and were greater than credit card or auto loan debt before this happened. Now, with the U.S. Congress failing to take action to prevent interest rates… Read More