So it is another new year. As with everybody else, your mind turns to how you will improve in the coming year. Maybe you’ll focus on getting that online degree you’ve been meaning to finish. Maybe you’ll get your weight under control. Maybe you’ll resolve to fix up your relationship with friends and family or… Read More

Americans just cannot get enough of their colleges and universities. In fact, within the U.S., there are 4,084 colleges and universities. Every state has at least a few of them, but some definitely have more than others. Without looking at our new infographic below, can you guess which states have the most colleges? Or which… Read More

For those naysayers who discount the quality of education provided by for-profit schools like Strayer University, the U.S. National Security Agency would beg to disagree. Last month, the NSA’s Committee of National Security Systems added Strayer University to a select list of postsecondary institutions whose information systems security curriculum satisfies national training standards for information… Read More

Just in the last 20 years, universities and colleges have transformed from solitary campuses filled with your typical classrooms and lecture halls to worldwide entities that spread out across the globe, offering unprecedented access to educational opportunities. Given these monumental shifts, its difficult to imagine what the next 20 years will bring to higher learning.… Read More

There’s no better way to increase your chances of getting a solid job after graduating from college than adding a good internship to your resume. Internships give you real-world experience and training even before you have a full-fledged college degree. This gives you a significant advantage over other college students who made be focusing solely… Read More

If you are like so many of us, your mornings as a college student are a mess. You might have stayed up too late the night before and are, in turn, waking up late with barely enough time to brush your teeth, throw on a t-shirt, and stumble to your first class. This does not… Read More