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College lectures used to be reserved for those who had paid the steep price of admission. Now, however, with the cost of attending college rising, universities are looking for ways to grant this knowledge to a wider audience without the exorbitant price tag. And the Web has proven to be the perfect place to do… Read More

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how do you make sure you choose the right courses? Definitely, your research should go beyond the course catalog, where course descriptions might not adequately describe what each will require. Here are five tips to help you choose the right college course for you.… Read More

Feeling like a stranger in your college classes? According to the Institute of Education Sciences, the demographics of who is attending college has been shifting over the years, and college classes look different than they used to. Check out the following statistics on who is attending college these days, and for what reasons. Who Are… Read More

The latest statistics show that SAT writing scores for the graduating class of 2011 are the lowest scores ever recorded. What does that mean for this generation of students? With the advent of texting and even business correspondence relaxing thanks to email and electronic versions of resumes, does writing matter any more? Should we even… Read More