If you are just embarking on your college career, then there is a good chance you have a lot on your mind. Maybe you are anxious about living away from home for the first time or making new friends. You also may worry about how you’ll perform in your college classes. Learning how to create… Read More

A recent Accenture study finds that 2011-2012 college graduates are struggling to find a place in the job market. Many are turning to further education to move up into the jobs they thought they were qualified for. For the details, just check out our new infographic below. To share it, please use the embed code… Read More

The rising cost of college has everybody scared. And I do not mean just students and parents. University administrators and government honchos are getting in on the hand-wringing, too. Yep, everybody’s looking for ways to get the cost college down. Thankfully, out of the weeping and wailing, some impressive options have taken shape. Starting in… Read More

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How much does a bachelors degree cost? After four years of hitting the books, running between classes, and trying to make the grade, how much can the average student expect to spend for tuition, fees, a roof overhead, and food to eat? The short answer is, more than you might expect. The slightly longer answer… Read More