As long as the power of the human memory is less than perfect, we will need notes. And nowhere is your memory more taxed than in college. When studying for midterms or finals, your notes can make or break your success. So how do you make sure your notes will work when it counts? Well,… Read More

Ah, essays. They have been a part of your education since elementary school. Few students actually like essays, but, unfortunately for most students, the essay remains a part of your educational experience all the way through college and definitely in graduate school. But the essay does not have to ruin your semester. Essays can be… Read More

Finals can be a terrifying experience. All of your work for the last few months climaxes into one ridiculously condensed barrage of hour-long exams and epic papers. Students fall into depressions or life-threatening illnesses from the intense stress levels. People freak out on subjects they would typically be very comfortable with. To compensate, students put… Read More

So you are a new online student. You have heard all the marketing materials about freedom to take your classes when you want and where you want, in your pajamas or from the poolside. But you are about to discover that with all that freedom and flexibility comes great responsibility. Now, you are in charge… Read More

what you need to enroll at an online university

Here at ClassesAndCareers, we receive a lot of questions about what it takes to sign up for an online university. Fortunately, enrolling in online classes is not too different from enrolling at a traditional school. In some cases, they are much less picky about your qualifications to study at their school and you can start… Read More

get the most out of your mba program

So you want to earn a MBA degree? You probably have visions of being the next apprentice to Donald Trump, of watching waves of cash flow into your bank account as you sit in your corner office and boss your minions around as visions of Rolexes, designer suits, and Jaguars dance through your brain. But… Read More

what to know before you talk to an enrollment specialist

So you’re at home. You’ve expressed interest in a few schools. Maybe you’ve requested more information or you’ve stopped by their office. Suddenly, the phone rings. It’s an enrollment specialist, and they want to talk to you about attending their school. First, take a deep breath. Second, get your thoughts straight. Most likely, if they’re… Read More