Applying to college can be an incredibly stressful process. Between acquiring transcripts, getting letters of recommendation, and composing essays, your to-list can quickly become overwhelming. And there is always the anxiety that comes with the unspeakable question: “What if I don’t get accepted to any college?” But before you let this anxiety and stress get… Read More

The college application process is a stressful time. With thousands of colleges in America and varying requirements for acceptance, choosing and applying to your favorite can seem like a full-time job. To ease the stress, take notice of the details of each college’s admission requirements and try to stay organized. This will help you to… Read More

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Colleges are recognizing the need to embrace the age of hand held technology and have begun to create apps for prospective and current students to help them navigate the college maze more effectively using their iPhone, Droid or other smartphone. Campus Maps Many colleges are creating apps to be used during campus tours and to… Read More

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With all the recent talk about students overburdened with debt after graduation and parents stretching to pay for college beyond their ability to repay, it makes sense to plan ahead and know your options before making a decision about college. The College Board at provides parents and students with several different calculators to determine… Read More

Since just getting an interview can often seem like a job in itself, you can go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back if you’ve landed one… However, now the hard work really starts… Now it’s time to actually land the job! The interview itself is the most difficult part of securing… Read More

How much emphasis do admissions committees put on grades when evaluating applicants? The truth is that grades and GPAs are good long-term indicators of an individual’s performance as a student. Grades do not necessarily reflect intelligence; however, they do show a student’s ability to produce good work — or not-so-good work — over an extended period of time.… Read More