The silent film classic “The Freshman” opens by describing the fictional Tate University as “a large football stadium… with a college attached.” Indeed, college athletics are often maligned as an elaborate, and disproportionately large, fundraiser for colleges and universities. But behind all the glitz and marketing that swarm around college sports, they are also a… Read More

Google the term ‘college‘ in March and you are likely to get a ton of search results about the NCAA basketball tournament, affectionately referred to as March Madness. It triggers office brackets and binge basketball viewing, even during work hours. In short, it pretty much takes over American culture. If you aren’t familiar with March… Read More

The movie awards season is in full swing again and the mother of them all, the Academy Awards, is just a couple weeks away. As the education maniacs we are, we could not resist the opportunity to link college degrees to our favorite actors and actresses, namely those who have been nominated for statuettes. Hopefully… Read More

A few years ago, we did a series of articles on celebrities and their levels of education (“Education of the Stars,” “Education of the Stars: Best Actor Nominees,” “Education of World Leaders 2008”). Well, things have changed since then so we wanted to revisit the topic with today’s celebrities. Their achievements range from high school… Read More

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor died today in Los Angeles. She was admitted six weeks ago to Cedars Sinai Medical Center for a heart condition. Today she died of congestive heart failure. Elizabeth Taylor was 79 years old. Her parents were from Kansas but she was born In England during the year 1929. Her parents were… Read More

Spring breakers all around the country are gearing up for week-long vacations. Some head for the beach, others head home, and some of the more adventurous ones have decided to discover the world. But this isn’t your normal trip, it’s a trip where you are able to give back and help some people in desperate… Read More

It’s March 1st and that means only one thing to college students—spring break is just around the corner. The words “spring break” are synonymous with partying, so much so that a study was conducted around spring break drinking patterns. According to the study, the average male drinks 18 drinks a day and the average female… Read More