Even though people have won money on these TV game shows it isn’t very likely. So stop dreaming and actually do something that can help yourself earn more money. One of those ways is by going to school and earning a degree. Because you most likely will learn a lot more by improving yourself and working hard than you will by dreaming about becoming rich while watching the television.… Read More

The band Weezer took time to thank their tour bus driver for his ability and skills to significantly reduce the amount of damage to the bus and themselves. The accident could have been much worse. The lead singer Rivers Cuomo and his assistant were injured when their tour bus plunged 10 feet into a muddy ravine 40 miles west of Albany, New York.… Read More

Since its fall there are tons of marathons throughout the country. For runners the two most important things are their broken-in shoes and heart rate monitor are their tunes. Trying to exercise let alone run can be difficult if you don’t have music blaring in your ear.… Read More

For Harry Potter diehards, there will now be a Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There will be a realistic creation of Hogsmeade village and a fully functioning Hogwarts Express train, along with Hogwarts Castle. The amusement park will feature rides, shops, and restaurants from the Harry Potter series.… Read More

Americans absolutely love college sports, particularly football. Since it’s that time of year again here are 5 of the best college football movies of all time. All of them are a must see and they show the hard work and dedication behind a football teams struggles.… Read More