The Holy War, which got its name due to both universities’ strong ties to the LDS church, is one of college football’s longest rivalries. The competition between the two teams is so heated neither can agree on when the first Holy War game was fought. Utah contends the first match was in 1896 against then named Brigham Young Academy. BYU sports fans argue the first match didn’t actually happen until 1922. You know its a heated rivalry when the two sides can’t even agree on their first match.… Read More

Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar winner and former American Idol runner-up. She lives in Chicago, but according to some sources, she has not set foot inside her house since late October. The reason, as most of you have heard, is because on October 24 her mother and brother were slain inside the home, while her nephew was found a few days later in an abandoned car. It is hard to imagine that Hudson had tried to persuade her family to move out of the very violent area in Chicago, but her mother said no.… Read More

There are many reasons why the BCS is a flawed system, or in the words of many of my friends, there are many reasons why the BCS sucks. The first, and most important reason, has to do with the fact that the BCS, or Bowl Championship Series, doesn’t feature the best football teams. Instead, the teams that typically play in the series are chosen by computers, the ill-informed USA Today Coaches’ Poll and the equally-ignorant Harris Poll.… Read More

If you ask me, lame mascots really get your team off on the wrong foot in the intimidation department. I hereby petition, in the interest of the sports teams that must be represented by these sorry ambassadors, that these mascots be removed and replaced by something cool. Check out these five lamest college mascots ever.… Read More

The conclusion of last night’s American Idol Results Show found two African-Americans and one Hispanic in the bottom three. Almost as a knee-jerk reaction, cries went up across the internet of racism, discrimination, and manipulation by white producers. Statistically speaking, the show is no more discriminatory against African-Americans than it is against Anglo-Americans. … Read More

True, sidekicks are usually given the weaker wardrobes to make their star partners look better, they don’t get the girl, and they typically have zero say in what happens, even if it means charging into certain doom. Before you count out sidekicking as a career, however, consider these perks and check out our sidekick gallery!… Read More

This is the first in a series of carefully selected video clips that prove that it’s better to be in school or just working hard than it is to be doing nothing. This guy, for instance, tries to launch himself onto a two-story rooftop. Ouch!… Read More