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Do you have college credit from multiple schools and wish you could pool them together to count toward one degree? Turns out maybe you can. Many online universities now offer bachelors degrees in liberal arts without requiring you to take all your previous classes over. Check out the new and improved degree without a major.… Read More

The summer before heading off to college can be a time to spend time with friends and family, have some fun, and prepare for the move away from home. While a summer dedicated to relaxation and fun might be the first thing on your mind, you might also consider getting a summer job. If you… Read More

Most prison inmates have restricted Internet access, which is seemingly an understandable and worthy limitation. Restricted Internet access prevents inmates from communicating with the outside world at an improper and dangerous level and also prevents scams and further crime. However, these restrictions are also preventing inmates from taking online courses, earning higher education and degrees… Read More

Business Opportunities

In a recent post I talked about work at home options for moms here on  Now, I would like to talk about business opportunities for moms.  You may be asking yourself; “what’s the difference, right?”  Well, work at home options such as telecommuting, allows you to work for companies without any financial investments.  You apply for the… Read More

More and more moms are finding that their dreams of becoming a stay at home mom have now become very far fetched. I mean, how can staying home with your children pay the bills and put food on the table right? Guess what? There is work at home options available to you so that you can make goals to still be at home with your children if this is what you desire.

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We thought it would be worthwhile to look at the educational backgrounds for some of Hollywood’s most influential stars. How many of them can match the characters they play? How many of them are actually qualified to speak to the complex and multi-faceted problems that afflict the globe? See who makes the grade.… Read More