We here at ClassesAndCareer.com are fond of discounting the much-hyped practice of issuing annual college rankings, as if one might need such rankings to put together their own roster of fantasy colleges. We have adamantly insisted that no rankings can tell you what college or university you should attend. We stand by the idea that… Read More

You can save yourself a bundle of moolah and avoid being the owner of *that car* pulled over to the side of the road if you know how to take care of these simple fixes for your vehicle. (Please note, these 5 are chosen because they assume you already know how to put gasoline in… Read More

Essay writing ALWAYS feels like a chore. I bet you’re like me, and I bet you always leave your essay writing until the last minute, despite the fact you’ve spent the last month doing nothing but watching bad TV and chatting to friends on Facebook?  Even important essays can’t get in the way of those… Read More

Who doesn’t dream about those glorious moments of anticipated enjoyment when you and the ones closest to you enjoy getting out of your daily routine? We all yearn for change now and then.… Read More

One of the main differences between traditional and online classes is the social spectrum. In traditional classes it is much easier to form a support group. You have family, friends, and classmates that can help and encourage you. Online education requires a support group just as much, if not more than traditional classes because it makes you more accountable and likely to succeed in your education.… Read More

Sports and athletics are a fun part of any college experience. Whether you are rooting for your college sports team, participating in college intramural sports, or attending a university on an athletic scholarship, sports and athletics programs provide an outlet for any student. Students can get burned out on only focusing solely on their education… Read More