Distance and Online Education

For moms out there ready to go back to school it is highly likely you will choose to complete your education all online, correct?  Whether you are getting a distance education degree or an online education degree, you may be curious at what the differences are, if any.  Your first thought at this point may be: “aren’t these considered… Read More

If you answered yes but don’t know exactly what field you would like to pursue, let this list help you in making your decision.  I have included the estimated salary per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  as an extra dose of motivation.  Don’t be intimated by this upcoming list, if you want to… Read More

Mother's Day Wishes

As one  final tribute to Mother’s Day 2011, I thought it would be fun to list at least 11 wishes of a mother this Mother’s Day.  Okay moms you know that you have at least one wish you would like to see come true this Mother’s Day.  I am not alone in this am I?  I am… Read More