If you are a mom currently in college or considering returning, you are most likely dreaming of the day that you will participate in your college graduation while receiving your degree.  This dream is definitely not impossible and can become reality if you just keep going forward and working hard towards your goals. If you… Read More

Moms and Online College

Okay, so I understand that online colleges weren’t created specifically for moms but it sure does seem that way doesn’t it?  I mean it’s like whoever thought of this had moms in mind and who knows, maybe they did.  But if the truth be told, in this busy world we live in, it just seems… Read More

Final Semester

As the spring semester continues on its inevitable path, it’s time to start thinking about your celebration plans for when the semester is all said and done.  Whether you are a mom graduating college or you’re completing your very first semester, this is definitely something to celebrate.  I like to call it a “mom milestone.” What are… Read More