Mothers Day will be next Sunday and it’s the day we honor our mothers for their love, nurturing and the sacrifices they make to help us have a happy, healthy and successful life. Mothers of the college-bound go above and beyond by providing their kids with encouragement, help and financial support throughout the college admissions… Read More

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor died today in Los Angeles. She was admitted six weeks ago to Cedars Sinai Medical Center for a heart condition. Today she died of congestive heart failure. Elizabeth Taylor was 79 years old. Her parents were from Kansas but she was born In England during the year 1929. Her parents were… Read More

Taylor Anderson died doing what she loved most–teaching. The Richmond, Virginia native is the first confirmed American to have died in the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Anderson went to Japan because she loved the culture. She also loved children. So it was only natural for her to became a teacher in Japan. She was last… Read More

This year the Mid-Atlantic states have gotten pounded by the weather. The snow in Washington D.C. alone is already over 55 inches deep and they will most likely get more. Yet they usually have better weather than many other places. For example, Salt Lake City hasn’t had very much snow this year and January temperatures felt like March.… Read More

Games are a great way to provide entertainment for your friends and family. Playing games increases your sense of togetherness, can entertain people for hours, and is a great way to improve your child’s learning and education.… Read More